Bathhouse Basics

Sorry, everyone. I haven't posted in a while. I've been both busy and somewhat uninspired, lacking any interest in writing. The reason I've been so busy and distracted is that I found a job. A quite appropriate job for a person like myself...

I'm the night manager at a bathhouse. I won't say the name of the place because, well, it doesn't matter, and I don't really want to make it easier for people to hunt me down, should I ever happen to piss them off enough. Anyways, yeah, a bathhouse. A gay bathhouse, that is. I don't know if there are any other kinds, but I figured I should be clear, just in case. 

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What is a bathhouse, you ask? Well, it's a place where men who have sex with men go to fuck one another, basically. It's like Grindr, only live and in-person. The benefit being that there are no headless torsos or catfish at the bathhouse. That, and you all know what you're looking for when you're there. On Grindr, someone could be looking for "networking."

I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and assume that very few of my readers have been to a bathhouse, which is why you asked what one even is, so I'll give you a rundown on what a typical visit to one is like. You open the door and, inside, all you see is darkness. Your eyes take a few moments to adjust from the bright sunlight outside to the dimly lit, cavelike atmosphere inside the club. You step inside and find yourself in line behind a variety of men. Men wearing suits, or in a t-shirt and jeans. Others look like they just came in off the street. Some are old. Some are young. If you saw them anywhere else, you might not even guess that they're gay, let alone that they'd ever go to a bathhouse. You'd be surprised by the clientele, I assure you. They're not all creepy, gross perverts. They're regular men with sex drives and fantasies to fulfill. We facilitate that.

Once you make it through the line of guys, you pay for a membership to the club, and then get yourself a room or locker, depending on your needs. Once you've paid your way into the club, the door is unlocked and you pass the threshold, leaving the fully-dressed real world, and enter the sexually charged atmosphere of the bathhouse. You're greeted by men wearing only a white towel around their waists. Some walk around bare-ass naked, and proudly. Inside, you proceed to your locker or room, get undressed, and wander about the club on your conquest for sexual release. 

A fly on the wall of a bathhouse would see a plethora of men, of all shapes, sizes, races, ages, and economic backgrounds, wandering around in towels or less, openly flirting with one another. In one corner, as you pass by, you'll see a couple of men passionately making out, with their hands reaching under one another's towels. Elsewhere, you'll see a man on his knees between the legs of another man. When you walk down the hallway, you'll pass by open doorways to rooms bearing naked men whose asses are pointed toward the doorway, inviting all to enter. From afar, you hear the moans of delight and/or pain, from a man getting anally probed by another man. In a large dark room, you'll witness four or five men standing around, touching themselves, as a threesome of other guys form an oral triangle in the middle of the room. Farther down the hall, you pass by several more open doors to rooms with men laying on their beds, looking you straight in the eye, and slowly stroking themselves. 

One of the toughest things about going to a bathhouse, especially for the first time, is the culture shock of the sexually open atmosphere of it. In the real world, if you're attracted to someone, you might make subtle eye contact or flirt a bit. Here, you stare one another in the eye and grab your own or their cock. It's more aggressive and overt than in any other place. 

You know when someone is interested in you, here. They'll make unbreaking eye contact with you, they'll touch you when you walk by, they'll reach for your cock if you're sitting near them, or they'll simply ask you how you're doing... as if they care. If you're interested, you just go with the flow. You let the man touch you, or you start touching him. If you're not interested, you cover up a bit more, or you tell them, "I'm good," or, "No, thanks." Most guys will take the hint and move on. Some are a bit more persistent and annoying, but they're rare. Still, they do exist. With them, you have to walk away, or flat out tell them to fuck off. 

When you find someone with whom you have mutual sexual interest, you can start playing right there in front of everyone, and no one will blink an eye. Actually, they'll enjoy the show, or occasionally invite themselves to participate. It's at this point you have to decide if you want to make it a threesome, build yourself an orgy, or tell others who attempt to invite themselves, to go ahead and invite themselves to kindly fuck off. 

There is no part of the club where you are "safe" from witnessing naked men, or some sort of sexual act. If it's not on one of the numerous monitors throughout the club, playing gay and bi porn, non-stop, you're witnessing it live and in-person. If you're the type that needs a break from all of this, then you'd do well to rent a room, rather than a locker. A room gives you a place to retreat if it all gets to be too much, and it provides you with some privacy if you want to have a one-on-one session with a guy. Or a "private" threesome, even. If you kinda like the public action and having an audience, then the beds in the middle of larger rooms in the public areas, with gay porn playing on big screen TVs, is your place. There are numerous public areas where you can fornicate with your fellow men. Not all of them have beds. 

Throughout the club, you'll find a couple of fuck benches, a Saint Andrew's Cross, a couple of slings, glory holes, and actual beds, right out in the public areas. At any one of these "features," you could fuck around with another guy (or several) and have a crowd of other guys watching you and jerking off. If a bukkake session or gang bang was ever your fantasy, then it could pretty easily be achieved here. 

Some guys who come to the club, though, are, surprisingly enough, not interested in fucking strangers. No, really, it's true. They'll come and just sit, bullshit, and watch the hot naked guys walk by. Maybe they'll engage in some light oral action, or maybe not. And some guys like coming just to be the eye candy for other guys. They like the attention. Then there are those who come, looking to take as many loads as they can possibly take. They're the ones you'll find in their rooms, or in the public beds, with their asses up in the air and their face buried in the mattress. 

The staff and I witness all of this. We, hopefully, blend into the background, trying not to cock-block anyone, as we clean up the aftermath of men's sexual conquests. We peel the used condoms up off of the floor, change the bedding, wash the towels, sweep up the messes, mop up the lube, get you into your room or locker when you lose your keys, and try to make your bathhouse shenanigans more enjoyable.

Once in a while, the staff gets to come as guests, in our off-hours. While I used to come as a customer on a few occasions, before I started working there, I don't so much, now. Being the night manager, I feel a little weird about walking around naked, flashing my junk, for all of the staff to see. I mean, it seems like there might be a dip in the amount of respect one has for their supervisor if they've seen them naked. Plus, when I'm there, I'm kind of automatically in "work mode," so I would have a harder time enjoying myself every time I'd see something that I would feel would need tending to. I have come as a customer a few times, since working there, though, Hell, on one occasion, immediately after finishing my shift, I went upstairs and fucked a guy who hit me up on Grindr while I was working. I finished my work, fucked him, then went home. All in a day's work... 

I've only been working at this bathhouse for a few months and I became night manager within two months. I'm still new as an employee, and newer still, to being a manager. That, along with the unusual nature and environment of the job, make for some interesting evenings. One of my favorite aspects of the job is dealing with the guests once they're in the club. Interacting with them, flirting with a few, etc. It can be fun. I especially love talking to guys who've never been to a bathhouse before. I like seeing them fulfill a fantasy. And anyone who knows me, knows I love talking about sex, openly. Here, I can talk to customers and coworkers about any old filthy thought that comes to mind. It's rather liberating. 

I think that's what I like about bathhouses. They're liberating. You're free of your clothing. You're free of the societal constraints that make it impossible to sexually express yourself in public. You don't have to play the courtship game. You find who you like and you pursue him. You get accepted or rejected and move on. It's that simple. You don't have to try and figure out what he's thinking, or if he's interested. The fact that he's staring at you while stroking his dick would seem to indicate that he might want to fuck you. There's really no way to misinterpret those signals. In a bathhouse, nearly everyone is "easy."