Caught in the Act

A couple of days ago I was chatting with a guy named Anton on Hornet, which is an app much like Grindr, but less popular and less well-known. It's a gay dating or hookup app. The guy and I arranged to meet up at a park and had planned to have some dirty, filthy fun, but as I was on my way to meet him, he messaged me to say that he wouldn't have a lot of time because he had to help set up for an AA meeting. This would give us about a half hour of play time, by our estimates, depending on when I actually got to our meeting place.

I managed to find him and pick him up, and by then we were getting closer to having maybe 20 minutes. While driving around looking for someplace discreet, we realized we just weren't going to have time at all. 

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While driving around, though, we were talking, joking, laughing, and getting along pretty well. We figured, as I was dropping him off, that we should try again sometime soon. Perhaps even this weekend. I asked him if he wanted to trade phone numbers and he was all for that. He actually gave me two phone numbers because [insert some inexplicable reason here] he has two phones. I texted both numbers to make sure he had mine, and he replied from one of them. Good. We're all set now. He got out of the car, we said our goodbyes, and I drove home silently bitching to myself about the waste of gas.

Yesterday Anton texted me, just to say "Hey" and we joked around a bit and made some tentative plans for the weekend. It was a short conversation and we didn't talk again until today. Today I messaged him on both numbers, asking him if he wanted to meet up later today, and the resulting conversation had me thoroughly confused. Hopefully, I can describe it all well enough that you'll be able to follow. I'm going to use their real first names, too, since, well, what the fuck are you creepers going to do with their first names? And, second, I don't want to try and come up with fake names for them. Call me an asshole for doing this, but, hey, if you manage to figure out who they are based on first names alone, then maybe you'll have a case for me changing them to fake ones. 

When I messaged both numbers, the first reply I got was "Is this Brian?" This isn't a good sign. It means that he either deleted my number, or he's trying to fuck with me to make me lose interest. Since I don't play that game, I replied that I'm Dave and I gave him a short reminder of where we had met and which day. I then asked if he had already deleted my number.

A few moments later I get a call from one of his two numbers. It was rather confusing because the person on the phone, who I thought was Anton, was asking me when I wanted to meet, which isn't confusing, in and of itself, but then he started talking about this other guy. But who the fuck is this other guy? The other guy was Anton, I would later find out.

We talked a bit more and I realized this guy might not be Anton. I asked him, "Isn't this Anton?" and he hung up. I was perplexed, but kind of wrote the whole thing off. I guessed the whole thing was done, now. But, oh, no... He called back. The call had been disconnected before. We spoke for a few more minutes and I realized this guy might think that I'm someone else, so I explained that I don't know who he is, but I was trying to talk to Anton. So, he said he'll have Anton call me. 

A few moments later, Anton calls me on his other phone, angrily asking who I am, and in the middle of me explaining who I was and how we met, he's denying everything and telling me not to call him back. So, I'm even more confused. I took a screenshot of our conversation on Hornet and sent it to him and asked him if he was sure we hadn't met at that park since he denied having ever been there. 

He replied, via text, to my screenshot asking "Who is this???" So I sent him a photo of myself, and then I described what he was wearing when we met, and the leather backpack he was using. He replied, "If you don't stop texting me I'm going to call the police and I haven't been on Hornet in a long time unless my phone got hacked." I stopped replying to that number at that point. 

Meanwhile, the guy using the other phone called me again and we tried to straighten out what was going on. It turns out that this other guy is named Kaijson (pronounced "ky-son") and he's apparently Anton's boyfriend. I didn't quite get this all figured out from the beginning since Kaijson just said he was using Anton's phone when we first talked and he didn't explain that he was his boyfriend. He was as confused as I was, and while I was trying to establish that I wasn't insane, and that I had actually met Anton, and that I didn't have a wrong number, I told him I could send him some screenshots of my conversations with Anton. He said he'd appreciate that, and I sent him about five screenshots worth of text exchanges. 

Not too long after that, I got another text message from Anton, the one who told me not to message him again or he'd call the police, saying, "Sorry I said that stuff. I never told Kaijson about that, so when he found out, I got scared and tried to cover it up, and I shouldn't have done that to you."

My reply was, "Well, he knows all about it now. Because I couldn't figure out what the hell was up, and neither could he, he called me and we tried to figure out what was going on." He never replied to that.

While I was typing all of this, Kaijson sent me a message saying, "Yeah, we should have a fuck fest." I replied that the two of them are confusing me. By the way, both texts come to me under the name "Anton" so it takes me a second to realize who I'm actually talking to, Anton, or Kaijson. Kaijson proceeded to tell me not to be confused, that Anton fessed up and Kaijson suggested that we both fuck Anton. I'm not taking it too seriously, though. I did mention, though, that I was surprised that he wasn't pissed off at Anton, and he explained that that doesn't even begin to describe the array of emotions he's having... but now he's apparently on drugs, so it's all good.

Clearly Anton was trying to cheat on Kaijson, or perhaps they have an open relationship and Anton didn't disclose our meeting or get approval for it, or whatever. In any case, he got caught, and partly because he tried to cover it up. Had he called me and told me what was up, I wouldn't have been compelled to repeatedly try to explain who I was, nor would I have had to talk to Kaijson so much to get answers. But, now the cat's out of the bag, and I'm rather pissed off that I was caught in the middle of it all. Thanks, Anton!