Nice Guy Entitlement Syndrome a.k.a. The "Friendzone"

I see it all the time, mostly in screenshots of chat exchanges between some friend of mine and the guy who is trying to hit on her. At the point that we get to see the screenshots, they've had an exchanging of a few messages, typically starting with him telling her how gorgeous she is. She'll reply back with a thank you of some sort, and he'll continue with the compliments. One or two messages after that, he's asking her to sit on his face. 

That escalated quickly.

When she is not surprisingly disinterested in using his face as a chair, he'll start calling her fat and ugly, or a whore, or whatever other middle-school level insults he can sputter as he's foaming at the mouth and pecking away at the keyboard with one hand, while his Wee Willy Winky starts getting flaccid in his other. 

Adam & Eve 300x250

While his brazen demand for carnal knowledge of the lady is a turn off, in and of itself, it's more concerning to me, that he would think that because he was rejected, he should hurl a plethora of insults at her. Insults which, typically, those of us who've seen the screenshots, just laugh at. 

The "nice guys" though, I think are even worse than that. They think that because they've complimented you or treated you nicely, or even because they've merely exchanged a few messages with you, or bought you a drink or dinner, that you owe them the displeasure of taking their man-stick for a ride. Somehow, the acceptance of friendship like behavior entitles them to sex. If you do not want to have sex, they feel like all of their efforts, which clearly had an ulterior motive from the get-go, were in vain. You've insulted them by not fulfilling your end of the deal, which they had written in their head, and you tacitly accepted it by not telling them to fuck off. You accepted his niceness... now accept his dick.

Niceness? Pfft... What bullshit. They weren't being nice. They were attempting to play a game with you - a game they're not very good at - and manipulate you into allowing them to fuck you. This is about the time that you'll first start hearing them whine about the dreaded "friendzone." Like some phantom world that they get sucked off into when you turn down their sexual advances. 

See, you thought of the guy as a friend all along. He was being nice to you (or so you thought) and then he suddenly sent you a dick pic and wanted to know what you thought of it. When you tell him he's making you uncomfortable, he just doesn't get it. You thought he was a friend all along, and what he thought he was doing was flirting with you. You being appreciative of his niceness looked, to him, like you flirting back, I imagine. Guys with no social skills apparently can't tell the difference between being friends with a woman, and wooing, or dating them, I guess. Fuck if I know. 

I almost feel like we need to interview one of these poor guys who've been put into a friendzone and who are most displeased with the velvet rope between them and their lady of interest. I'm just curious how their brain works. 

Oh, that "friendzone" word. Wow, that one is a dangerous word. It's mostly dangerous to utter because it's almost invariably used by the guys above. The ones who feel entitled to a relationship or some deep-dicking with their lady of interest. They view being a friend as being a punishment, or something. Personally, I've been interested in guys, been rejected, and became friends with them. Technically speaking, I was put into the friendzone. The difference, however, is that I never felt like I was owed anything by these guys. I also never really pretended to be their friend in order to get into their pants. I flirted and chatted with them, and when I was ultimately rejected, I felt hurt, but I continued talking to them, got over my feelings about it all, and remained friends. There was no whining on my part. 

A special note to all of those guys who only talk to women with the goal of fucking them at some point: You're a vile piece of shit. We mock you behind your back. We read your messages, see your dick pics, and we point and laugh at them. Sometimes your name is obscured, and other times it's not. Many times we actually already know you, though. And when we look at you, we cringe a little. Do you want to know why no one wants to date you or fuck you? It's because you're a creepy piece of shit who thinks you're owed pussy or ass, rather than you being appreciative when someone wants to invite you into their pussy or ass. Fix your attitude, you prick!