A Potentially Violent Close Call

I was on Grindr tonight, err, well, technically this morning, and looking to find some place to shove my cock. I managed to find someone who would be good enough. He wasn't fantastic looking, but he wasn't bad looking either, at least judging from his photo. 

I had talked to him a while back, but things didn't pan out. This time, we managed to arrange for a meet-up at his place. He gave me the address and I headed there. I let him know when I was pulling up to his house and, when I did pull up, it looked like every light in the house was off. I always view that as a red flag. 

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If you're expecting someone, you would think that you'd have at least one or two lights on. If you knew someone was pulling up, maybe you'd open the front door or something. I mean, it's around 1 o'clock in the morning. I'm not about to start knocking on someone's door. For all I know, it's a setup, and they're just trying to get me to knock on some stranger's door to fuck with them, and me. No, thanks. 

I walked up to the door and it looked like no one was up. I had sent him a message to meet me at the door, but it looked like he was ignoring it. I waited just a couple of minutes, feeling self-conscious that someone might think I was up to no good, and then I decided to just leave. I hopped into my car, sent him a quick "Bye" and got ready to leave. Then I noticed that he had opened the door. 

I, again, walked up to the door and we went inside. Incidentally, he didn't quite look like his photo, but was close enough that I didn't confront him about it. I can't say that I was totally into him, though. He had a decent body, but a "butter face." After I got in, he immediately started telling me to keep quiet. I figured he had sleeping roommates. That's fairly common, especially with 25-year olds.

Adam & Eve 300x250

We got no farther than the foyer before he started groping me. It seemed that he wanted to fuck right there. We made out briefly, which I wasn't really interested in doing with him, so that didn't last long, and then we got to business. I'm surprised we were even able to fuck, since he was 4-feet, 11-inches tall and I'm 6-feet, 3-inches tall. That sort of height differential usually makes standing while fucking impossible. 

We went at it for a bit, with my foot slipping on... something. Who the fuck knows what? It was pitch black, so all I could do was put my foot such that it was against the wall and wouldn't slide anymore. I then completed the task at hand... or ass... or cock. I don't know. Whichever one of those seems most appropriate. Then he wanted me to re-enter him while he jerked himself off, and he tried to stand upright to do so. I don't know why guys try to do this. Dude, when you stand up, my dick is going to come back out. It did it the first time, and it's going to do it the second, third, and fourth times as well. 

Not long after attempt number four, I saw someone walking towards us. The silhouette of an older gentleman in a robe. I immediately assumed it was his roommate, but it didn't take long to figure out it was his partner. At first I hoped that they had an open relationship. I mean, surely he wouldn't invite a hookup over to his house while his partner was in the other room. But that wasn't the case. The older guy started asking what was going on. "What's going on here? What's happening?" He seemed a bit drunk, as he was slurring his speech and stumbling a little bit. 

I then, naively assumed that maybe this is some game they like to play, where one catches the other screwing around. Like some sort of cuckolding thing. Because, again, who would be dumb enough to invite a hookup over when their partner is still home? 

The older guy positioned himself between me and the front door and put his hand on the knob. I reached into my pocket, thinking I had my plastic knuckles on me, but I had left them in the car. I was now a bit worried. This guy is clearly upset. He's blocking me in, and his boyfriend is beginning to try to calm him down. He wasn't irate, or anything, but he was definitely hurt. While I can appreciate his emotional pain, that's between the two of them. 

Without my plastic knuckles, I had to rely on my stature to intimidate him and get him to move. This is one benefit of my size. I'm actually not a fighter, but I have an imposing size. I looked him in the eyes, sternly told him, "You need to let me out!" and I lightly grasped the wrist of the hand that was on the doorknob. He pulled it back, I opened the door and said something to the effect of, "You two need to deal with this!" and left. 

I was angry. Furious, even. The guy had made no mention of being in a relationship and didn't tell me that anyone else would be home when I was on my way. Had that guy had a gun, and that thought did cross my mind, he could have shot me and probably claimed I was an intruder or something. Basically, this hookup risked my safety. 

I've hooked up numerous times - I've actually lost count - but this is the first time I've ever felt like I might be in danger. Luckily, no harm came to me, or anyone else, so, I'm happy for that. Had the older guy not let me out, I probably would have had to hurt him. And thoughts of what I might need to do, did race through my head. But he let me out without too much hassle. 

As to how this all may effect their relationship, I don't really know, nor do I care. I feel a little bit bad for the older fella, but after him trying to block me in, he lost a bit of my empathy, The guy who invited me over, however, Is someone for whom I have nothing but contempt. I sent him one message on Grindr after this encounter. It was one word: "Asshole."

From now on, I'm keeping my plastic knuckles more  within reach.