Happy Mother's Day

This is just a quick post in order to say Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are mothers... even if you're in a country which doesn't celebrate Mother's Day. If you're in one of those countries, which is probably all but the United States, take your "Happy Mother's Day" wishes and don't bitch about it not being a thing where you live. 

Also, let today be a reminder to all of the children of mothers that today you are celebrating the fact that your parents had sex, your dad definitely had an orgasm, your mom hopefully had one, and that you are a product of that event. So, congratulations on existing and managing to extricate yourself from that womb-prison. 

To all of the mothers, especially my own, even though she'll never see this, thank you for having had unprotected sex; putting up with nine-ish months of carrying us around without being able to put us down; then suffering through our seemingly incessant crying at the worst possible times; sacrificing your much needed sleep; feeding us; nurturing us, counting up to three, or ten, before punishing us; giving us hugs; wiping aware tears; and just plain putting up with us. You're awesome!