About Last Night...

I try not to write too often about my hookups, in here, for a few different reasons: One, I don't want word to spread that I'm writing about every sexual encounter I have, because it might make guys worry that I'm going to do a Yelp-like review about them when it's all over. This would likely create a lot of anxiety for them. Two, I wouldn't want people to think I'm going to be spreading around people's personal business. I mean, they wouldn't just be my stories, they'd be the story of what happened between me and another guy, or few guys. And, the third reason, is that I really want to make sure that this site isn't some form of erotica. I want this site to be accessible to anyone, and stories which are erotic in nature will turn away younger people, as well as those who don't care to hear about gay sex. However, today I'm making a tiny bit of an exception, mostly because I was encouraged by my late night rendezvous buddy to go ahead and write about it, as he would be "honored" if I did. 


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Last night I was chatting with this guy on Grindr. I know, the infamous Grindr: The booty call shopping tool. Anyways, he and I were chatting away on there and weren't really setting up any solid plans to meet. We were mostly just talking about what we're both into and sharing a few photos back and forth, as typically happens on Grindr. And, no, you may not see his, nor my, pics. Sorry. 

In one of the photos that I sent to him, I was using a Fleshlight, which sort of intrigued him. He had never tried one before. I saw this as an opening to suggest that I use it on him. I've done this with three other guys, and there's something sort of arousing to know that when I use the thing, that other guys have blown their loads in there before, too. Well, two of the other guys did. One wasn't able to. Anyways, my rendezvous buddy also appreciated my cock as it was depicted in the photos. I actually hear that fairly often, and I don't know if it's just the common default response to tell a guy that they have a great, or beautiful, or sexy cock, or what, but I hear it often, and when I look down at my dick, I am very much not impressed. His member was far more impressive. 

So, my sleazy plans for the night were to drive out of my tiny rural town, and out to the more populated areas and see who all was on Grindr. Grindr, being a location-based app, shows only the guys who are closest to you, and shows their distance from you, on their profiles. When I'm at home, most of the guys who show up are 10 miles or more away. Typically they're 20 or more miles away. People outside of my rural area probably don't see me on there at all, since they have an abundance of guys who are within ejaculating distance from them. It sucks living out in cowboy land. Anyways, I told him what my plans were, and we had talked earlier about what city he lives in, etc., and I told him that I would perhaps head out that way and see if he was available when I got there. Earlier we had talked about hooking up, but he was thinking it was getting a bit late, and the route that I would have to take to get to him, due to a bridge closure between the two of us, would have made the drive closer to 50 minutes, rather than the half hour it would otherwise take. We had basically made tentative plans to possibly, maybe, perhaps meet. But not long after I headed out the door, he sent me his address. So, it was game on. 

He lives in a cul-de-sac with his family, so we wouldn't be able to play at his house, without having to explain to them who I was, most likely. Instead, I picked him up and literally just drove to the other side of the cul-de-sac, turned off all of my lights in my SUV, and we hopped in the backseat. He was certain we'd be safe there, because everyone living nearby was elderly and asleep, apparently. I'm not terribly shy, so I didn't care where we parked, so long as no cops were going to be tapping on the window. 

When he got in the car, I was relieved to see that he looked like his photo, and actually, since he was wearing a baseball cap in his photo, and I couldn't see any hair peeking out the front, I assumed he might be balding. I'm bald enough, as it is, and I don't rule guys out for being bald, but I do enjoy some hair on the head. He had a full head of hair, so I was pleasantly surprised. He was just my type - 29 years old, 5 feet, seven inches tall, and 170 pounds, according to his profile. Even more my type than I gathered from the photos he had sent me. Plus, he had an enjoyable personality. And, no, I'm not just saying this shit because I know he'll be reading this. In a little bit I'll probably say things that might make him squirm a little bit. He'll get over it. 

We climbed into the back seat, as I mentioned, and we quickly got to yanking his pants off, which revealed his glorious manhood, and I went to town on it. Now, this is the part where I'll start to leave out some details, in order for you, my dear readers, to keep from getting too aroused. Though, perhaps I should keep some details in because they might be of use to you, in your own sex life... What to do, what to do...?

As I was slobbering on his knob, which was the perfect size, mind you, I gave it all of the tongue action I could give it. Oh, regarding the size, it was just enough that I could nearly take the whole thing, and still have a little left over, but not so much that I felt like part of his pecker would get neglected. So, when I was polishing his tool, I made sure to lick the underside of the head, which is especially sensitive on a guy, and all around the head, of course, because some guys are more sensitive there, than others, and you really just don't want to ignore that part. Right? But also I paid some attention to the urethral opening, the shaft, and his balls. Basically, I treated his junk like I'd like mine to be treated. I also listened for cues as to what he was enjoying and what he might not be enjoying quite as much. Luckily for me, that was easy because he was quite vocal in his enjoyment of the treatment I was giving to his dick. He was borderline ecstatic. He was also really good about letting me know when he was getting close to cumming, so that I could stop and give his man-meat a break. It was during a few of these breaks where we made out a bit, which was also nice. 

After making out, I went back to the task at hand, and went through this whole routine, which we cycled through about three times. Well, it's not a specific routine, but I have several things I'll do, in my playlist, and I just throw my mental playlist on shuffle. It works for most guys, but not all (those guys are terrible people whose penises are clearly malfunctioning). One of my favorite maneuvers, which I enjoy having done to me, and which, judging from the sounds he was making, he really enjoyed as well, is moving my hand up and down the shaft, as I move my head up and down, and continue using my mouth, of course. Saliva is used as lube for the hand, and he gets the extra sensation of the hand, which feels different from the mouth, which is all warm and wet. The combination of the two feels amazing. When done to me, I feel like I could cum within seconds. And I only recently discovered this move when a guy did it to me. So many years wasted, not knowing about this technique. It's a shame, really. 

Each time he came close to cumming, he wisely let me know, and we'd make out, or I'd rub him down, or do various other things to him. During one of these breaks I commented how our original plan was that I'd use the Fleshlight on him, but I couldn't resist tasting his cock, and got carried away with that. He was enjoying it so much that he didn't give a shit about the Fleshlight, so much, but I think he did consider it might be a missed opportunity. He left the decision up to me, reminding me that I currently owned his cock. 

I forgot to mention that while we were chatting on Grindr, I was acting a bit more on the dominant side, which made him flip into submissive mode. I rather enjoy this. I don't go all out with the dom/sub dynamic, but I do dabble. Before we had met up, he had mentioned that he was still stroking his cock, and such. I told him he better not cum before I get there, and told him to put his dick away. He eventually pulled it out again, assuming he ever put it away in the first place, and I told him to put it away again, and told him, "That's my cock!" His replies started turning into "Yes, sir" after that. I rather enjoy that, for some reason. He was a good boy! Incidentally, I tried to get him to write my name on his penis, and take a picture of it, which I would then post to the Google+ community associated with this site, but he wasn't up for doing that. I wasn't going to pressure him to, though, I just wanted to see if he would do it. It would make for an amusing photo, and I'd get bragging rights, but, alas, he didn't do it. He was a bad boy!

Having left the decision up to me, the owner of his cock, as to whether we'd use the Fleshlight or continue with the oral, I decided to continue with the oral. He was enjoying the fuck out of it, and I was enjoying his enjoyment. Eventually, as these things do, the grand finale happened, and I had a mouthful of cum, which barely had a taste. That's always a good thing. I'm guessing he's not a smoker and probably eats well. 

After he blew his load, he was spent. He just laid there, in my car, and was basically unable to move. He was full of compliments about how amazing that was, and how good I am at it, and I was just kind of beaming. Even if I don't get any sort of attention on my cock (our plans were just for him to receive) I get off, in a manner of speaking, by pleasing a guy. And, holy fuck, was he pleased. I can't remember what all of the compliments and accolades were, but they seemed abundant. I told him that when I write about this, people will think I'm just bragging. Maybe he'll be kind enough to comment on this and validate the whole story. 

While he was resting I told him there was no rush for him to get dressed or anything, and we just sat there bullshitting for a while. I started liking him as we were talking. He's a nice guy, and very fucking good looking. I could totally see myself dating him. Nothing like that was discussed, and I doubt he feels the same way, but the thought crossed my mind. This is the part where, if he's reading this, he's probably squirming a bit, and thinking, "Awkward!" I have no delusions of this happening. It would be nice, and one can dream, but I don't expect it. 

We continued chatting for a bit and lamented that the Fleshlight didn't get used on him. I'm not sure exactly what was said, but I think I joked that he just needed to get hard again, and we could go for round two. It started out as joking, but it didn't take long for him to get hard again. So, I lubed him and the Fleshlight up, and got to work using that. He loved it, as I expected he would. Plus, the length of his penis allows for it to reach all of the good spots in the Fleshlight. Mine barely makes it, but still, it works. The sad story about the one guy who wasn't able to cum while I used it on him, the guy I mentioned earlier, is that he had a bit of a shorter dick, and his didn't reach any of the good spots, and there wasn't much room for stroking before he'd pop out. Sad, but true. Well, I guess I shouldn't say it's sad that his cock was on the shorter end, as that isn't all that important, but that the Fleshlight didn't work with him. 

It was a little more difficult to use the Fleshlight on my rendezvous guy last night, after he had already cum from the oral workout. His penis, while erect, wasn't 100% solid. It was about 85% hard. It was functional, but had a little too much give to get the full use out of it.  I switched to giving him a cock massage with my other hand at this point, which he enjoyed. This is not to be confused with a handjob, which, in my opinion, is lazy and weak in it's typical implementation. A cock massage is far more intense.  It wasn't until I started fingering him, however, that he got rock hard again. Eventually we employed the Fleshlight again and I made him take the reins with that while I concentrated more on his ass. Luckily he was clean back there. That's always a risk. Especially when there were no plans for playing in the back yard.

As I was fingering him, and got a couple of fingers in, I got to thinking how much I wanted to fuck him, but I wasn't going to press my luck. The boy was already pretty damn spent. I don't think he could take that much stimulus. Though, perhaps I should have suggested it. Dammit!

As he pounded away with the Fleshlight, and I was fingering him, I could hear from his moans, and breathing pattern that he was getting close. One of my favorite things is to feel a guy cum while my fingers are inside him. You can feel the prostate get rock hard, and the ass clenches down. It's amazing. And he was really enjoying it. I was rubbing right on his prostate the whole time he was blowing whatever load he had left in him, after the oral, into my Fleshlight. It was beautiful. Side note: After writing this, I'm thinking I may need to take the thing for a spin. 

He blew his second load into the Fleshlight and rested, again. While resting, he was talking about muscle spasms in his mouth, of all places. I told him I usually get those in my legs after fucking. Never in my mouth. But, you know, whatever. It was funny and cute. I liked that he didn't feel the sudden urge to get dressed and make a run for it, like most of us do after a hookup. I'm actually almost reluctant to call it a "hookup." Hookups are all about the sex. You blow your load, and you get dressed and go your separate ways. This wasn't like that. We also talked about doing this again. I meant it when I said it. I'm not sure if he did as well, but it seemed genuine.  I've heard other guys say that, before, and I never hear from them again. Hopefully that's not the case, here. We'll see. 

In the end, I had an awesome time, and I'm 100% certain that he did as well. He got dressed, as we continued chatting, and he gave me a goodbye kiss, which I love. And here's hoping that we'll have some more play time in the near future.