Do Penis Pumps Work?

I met up with a dude from Grindr last night. He was a nice guy... though a tad bit hyper. Yes, he knows about this blog and is perhaps even reading this. I'll leave his name out, though, but he can comment below, if he likes.

Before he and I got down to any sort of play time, we were just sitting there, bullshitting. I don't even know how long we were chatting away, but it must have been a while. We had chatted previously on Grindr when I sent him a message, inquiring about something he had written in his profile. I don't remember the entire thing, but it started off by saying how much he dislikes sluts, then it ended with a line stating something to the effect of, "Too bad we're all sluts, though." This confused me, so I sent him a message indicating such, and that got a conversation going. 

We ended up talking, off and on, for a few days, mostly about the topic of sluts, and his feelings about the subject. He had mentioned fluctuating between being a slut at times and other times sort of feeling guilty about it. He also expressed how he doesn't really respect people who need sexual gratification, or who seem to not care who they get it from. My response was, as you might imagine, that as long as the person is being safe, and no one is being hurt, emotionally or physically, I saw nothing wrong with having as much sex as someone can get. If you're to look at it like it's shameful, somehow, because you feel it's risky, consider all of the high risk sports which people participate, for which there is no shame assigned. 

Anyways, last night he invited me over. No plans were really discussed about what we'd do once I was there, but we both had an idea that nudity had a high probability of being involved. As I mentioned, though, we sat and talked for a while, and at some point he had mentioned how a previous hookup had offered to take him to an adult store to buy him something. He ended up picking out a penis pump. My ears perked up when I heard that. I've always wanted to try out a penis pump. Not because I think they actually make your cock any bigger (they don't), but because I wanted to see what it was like.

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I told him I have to test the thing out. I don't even think I asked. I just blurted out that we had to try it on me... And we did. I undid my pants, laid back, he lubed me up, placed the apparatus on my Jack Johnson, and handed me the squeeze bulb pump. I gave it a few pumps and watched as my cock got bigger and bigger. It was kind of cool. It felt interesting. Pretty much like having an incredibly solid erection. This makes sense, since that's how these things are actually meant to be used: For erectile dysfunction. 

A penis pump works by creating an airtight seal around the base of your penis, while your penis is inside the cylinder. The squeeze bulb pumps out the air which is hanging out in the cylinder with your pecker, and creates a vacuum. As the air gets drawn out, your penis has to take up more space in this tube, and in order to do that, more blood gets drawn into the shaft. This is what causes the more solid erection. 

Now, while it did make my dick look larger while it was in the clear tube, as soon as you release the vacuum, your penis begins to go back to its normal size. Yes, it's totally a myth that these things will increase the size of your penis. I'm sorry that you've been mislead. Even if you used one repeatedly, several times a day, it's not going to work. While human tissue can stretch, it's not done by this method. When a doctor needs to stretch tissue, like, for instance, in a case where they know that during a surgery they'll end up having a large wound to cover, they'll employ the use of saline balloons embedded under the skin. They'll create pockets under the skin, insert deflated balloon like devices, and inject a small amount of saline into them. Every few weeks, or months, or however often they determine is necessary, they'll add more saline, until there's a huge balloon with skin covering it. The skin, in effect, has to stretch to accommodate the inflatable saline balloon. Your skin generates more skin cells in order to do this. And the reason that this actually works is that the patient has this saline balloon under their skin, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months. Contrast that to spending a few minutes per day using this vacuum pump. By the way, you would not want to have that pump attached to your penis for even a few hours, as that could damage the tissue, resulting in priapism (4-hour erection), which is dangerous and can result in permanent erectile dysfunction.  So, I strongly recommend not testing that out. 

A penis pump is good for giving you an erection, if you're having trouble. It can also be used for some play time, between you and your partner, or while alone. Just don't expect that it's going to give you a massive cock, even with regular use. It's just not going to. I'm sorry to burst your bubble.