Poppers & "ParTiers"

There seems to be a prevalence of drug use within in the gay community. Two drugs which I frequently see mentioned are meth and an inhalant referred to as "poppers." Both of these drugs are often taken before and/or during sex by many gay men. More gay men than seems logical. 

I'm not a big fan of drug use. I do think people have every right to take whatever drugs they want to use, assuming they are making an informed decision to do so. Meth can wreak havoc on the body and poppers have their own set of issues, though, so I don't advocate for their usage. 

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On Grindr and other dating/hookup apps, you'll see numerous posts which will use coded language to identify to their potential bed partners that they are into crystal meth. One ubiquitous method is to capitalize the letter "T" in a few words within a profile or screen name, indicating that they enjoy "Tina" (crystal meth). 

My personal experience with these guys is that they're kind of a buzz kill when it comes to fucking. They're usually too high to function fully, and their wits are not all present. Sometimes it causes erectile dysfunction and even a cock ring can't help them to maintain an erection. I don't enjoy playing with these guys. If you're among those who use "T" on a regular basis, or insist on its usage during a hookup, I'll probably turn you down for a fuck. You're not worth the hassle. 

Poppers are a nuisance mostly. Whereas meth can fuck you up in all sorts of ways, poppers, which seem less harmful than meth, are still problematic. First of all, it stinks like paint thinner. I don't find that odor particularly arousing. It also, like meth, seems to cause erectile dysfunction in its users. Most guys who use it claim that it helps to loosen them up for anal penetration and it makes them super horny. But if you're super horny and have a limp dick, that doesn't help me a whole lot. And your loosened up asshole ends up being like a hotdog wiener being thrown through a tire swing when we're fucking. I'm glad you're having fun, but I sure as hell am not. 

Meth rots your teeth, and when used over a long period of time, makes guys look and act almost zombie-like. They become frail, sickly looking, and kind of stupid. None of that screams "sexy" to me. 

I now actively avoid guys who hint that they're into meth on their online profiles. None whom I've been with were all that fun. Or they had too many issues going on to be worth the hassle. Poppers, I'll tolerate to some degree. If a guy simply must use them, fine, just don't expect that we're going to end up being fuck buddies. You're just gonna be a one-and-done fuck. Sorry (I'm not actually sorry).

Pot doesn't bother me in the slightest, aside from the obvious smell you drag around with you after you've lit up. At least when you're stoned on pot, you're still nearly fully functional. I'll get used to the smell in short-enough time. 

I do find it kind of amusing how all of these guys use these codes on their online profiles, referring to meth and pot. They'll use capital "T's" as I mentioned earlier, for meth. And "420" will be used to reference pot. What I find amusing about this is that pretty much everyone knows what these terms mean, or can easily look them up, so who are they trying to deceive with their coded language? Do they think cops are reading their profile and don't know what they mean? Perhaps it's just used as a form of shorthand in the limited confines of their profile. Though many people barely write a sentence in their profile and still use the codes. Anyways, this is just an observation that makes me roll my eyes when I see it. 

If you want to use drugs, have at it. I just don't want you using meth around me, and poppers only on a limited basis. And if you must use pot, at least bring some for me. 

Oh, beware, in some states, having sex with someone who is under the influence of anything can be considered rape. Drugs, alcohol, whatever... It all affects your judgment and impairs your ability to give consent.