Baker, Our Newest Contributor

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Introduction time! Gather 'round boys and girls of the internet,  and lend me your eyes! My name is Baker, and I will be the one telling you all stories, and when appropriate, advice.  I'm a straight 20-year-old male living in a smaller town by the name of West Plains, MO.  I work hard at a local saw mill, doing whatever is needed.  Sexually speaking, I'm seven years experienced.  I am sharing my stories with you in the hopes of sharing some advice or giving you a giggle. I know the two contributors so far, both are great guys, although I am thinking a bit less experienced voice may help the website here. I probably won't post super often on here due to the fact that I am usually left tired from work, or just from a lack of stories to tell. I fear my inexperience in life may not be the best to learn from. However, I look forward to sharing my experiences and inexperience, hoping to bring light of some sort to your days.