Disrespectful Pricks

I hope everyone had a pleasant New Year's "weekend" or mid-week... or whatever you want to call that. Holiday set? I didn't do much of anything, but tried to get a little nookie. 

Yesterday, so not technically the New Year's "weekend," I met up with a guy I've hooked up with a few times before. He's a little twink-thing, but kind of a pain in the ass little shit. This was our third time meeting up for the purposes of hooking up. We had one other meet-up where I dropped off his hat which he had left in my car. Each time we've met up it was just for me to give him head, which he's always enjoyed. 

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The first time was just after he got off work. Before meeting up, he was very slow with replying to messages, and gave vague, inaccurate directions to his work. When he described where it was by saying it was at the end of a particular road, I knew that wasn't the case, and that the restaurant where he worked wasn't located there, so I asked for the address...  it was several blocks from there. He's not the brightest guy... I really don't think it was deliberate. Just stupidity. 

I picked him up, we went across the street, parked, and I started to take care of him. It was late at night and dark, and we were unlikely to be spotted, but he got nervous, so we moved. We tried walking around where he works to look for a better spot, but it was too well-lit. We ended up going back to the car and parking in the parking lot of his job, but off to the side, and I finished him off. He left without saying much. 

We met a few hours later when he messaged me asking for another round. This time, again, he gave me lousy directions to where he was, saying something about us doing it at a boat, but then giving an address that would be nowhere near any boats. Then taking way too long to reply. Eventually I met up with him, and we drove down to the boat. I somewhat suspected, at this point, that he actually just needed me for a ride. 

So, a few months pass, and silly me forgets what a little prick this guy is, and I message him. He doesn't even remember me. So I explain all of this in great detail and he confirms, "Oh, yeah, I remember." I'm fucking flattered. I'm also horny. So... *shrug*

I agree to meet up with him. HIs directions this time are just the name of a hotel chain. Well, that's stupid. So, rather than ask directions, I have him send me his location using Grindr. Grindr will allow you send a map which pinpoints fairly well where you are. It's a good way to make sure someone isn't sending you on a wild goose chase. I highly recommend it. 

When I get to the motel, I walk in (he left the door unlocked for me) and he's nearly naked, and playing on his iPad. He asks me how I'm doing, then asks me to adjust the thermostat, then turn off a light, then changes his mind on which light, and, instead, has me turn off another one... and then asks me how I'm doing again. I said, "I'm still doing good," and then I took off his shorts, and went to town. 

He NEVER put the iPad down. He was either playing a game, or texting at various times. I find this rather rude. If you have someone over to play, at least have the decency to not be completely distracted. So, I wasn't getting into it, and he didn't appear into it, though he was hard as a rock. He also kept complaining of my teeth scraping, which was never a problem before. Of course, I was coming at him from a different angle this time. But when I made an effort to make sure I wouldn't be dragging my teeth on him, by wrapping my hand around his shaft, he didn't like that either. Now, I can't fault him for not liking what he was getting... Whatever. It wasn't working. And he said he didn't think he wasn't going to be able to cum, which was kind of a relief for me, because I was ready to leave. 

He asked me to grab him a towel. I guess he couldn't be bothered to get it himself. I then grabbed my shit and took off. I went down to my car and started catching up on messages that I missed while I was otherwise occupied. I was down in the parking lot for a while and suddenly I get a message from him saying "Why are u still outside ? Will u leave ?" 

To be honest, I half expected him to get bitchy if he saw me sitting outside. Not that he has any right to be, since it's a hotel. I wasn't facing his room. I wasn't paying attention to him at all. I didn't give a rat's ass what he was doing. I told him I was catching up on messages and I'd be leaving in a second. Then I asked him why he's an ass to me. I'm still waiting for a reply to that. 

I'm pretty sure it's time to cut ties with the little shit. I also think I need to start being a little more picky about who I spend my time with.