Reflections on Rejections

I've been rejected a lot. Mostly online, where it doesn't hurt so much, but even still, I'm rather numb to it. I really just shrug it off as long as the guy isn't a dick about it: "Eww, gross!"

I don't take rejections personally, for the most part. Why? Because, most of the time when I reject someone, It's not necessarily that there's something wrong with him, per se, but that he's just not my type. He could be attractive, even, but just not someone I could see myself dating... or fucking. For instance, I can see that Brad Pitt is attractive, but he's not my type. No, really, he's not. I'd totally turn him down. 

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I also don't take it too personally because I know a large number of guys do find me attractive, "hot," even. Clearly they need their eyes checked. But these guys who find me attractive are also attractive, both by my standards, and by everyone's standards. So, they're not just creepy, ugly, older guys with lowered standards... although those guys tend to find me attractive too. Still, even that's mildly flattering, in the same sense that it's flattering when anyone else that I'm not attracted to, is attracted to me. 

Women sometimes find me attractive, and, being gay, I'm going to reject them, if they were to ask me out. That hasn't happened in years, though. But this is a prime example of rejecting someone to whom I'm simply not attracted, but isn't ugly, by any means, so they shouldn't feel slighted somehow. Right?

We all have things we're looking for in partners, both in looks and in personality... oh, and interests, too. Someone who looks different from what we usually look for, isn't necessarily ugly. Someone who likes knitting, rather than drawing, isn't boring. They just have a different interest. Someone who likes The Three Stooges, rather than Mel Brooks, doesn't have a personality flaw... Okay, they might have a personality flaw. 

Just kidding.

So, why should I feel hurt if what they are looking for isn't what I am? I might be bummed out because I'm interested in them and the feelings aren't mutual, but I'm actually able to get over that pretty easily. Life goes on. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da... Life goes on.

Now, it's an entirely different matter when some asshole decides that he's too good for me, and is rude to me simply because I said, "Hi, how's it going?" If it's in your nature to snap at someone and be rude because you're a pretty, pretty princess and feel like you only deserve to be contacted by people to whom you are attracted, well, in my opinion, you deserve to die alone. If your reply to "Hi, how's it going?" is "Eww, gross!" then you can feel free to fuck off and die. 

The plus side to that sort of response, though, is that I immediately know that this person is a vile, vapid, superficial human being... or at least I'm assuming as much. In any case, bullet dodged! Also, "human being" might be a little generous.

Anyways, my point is, don't ever let rejections get you down. If someone isn't into you, move on. If someone is a dick to you, look at them like they are a human colostomy bag which has sprung a leak, and move on. They're not worth your time. Find the people who are right for you.

You're a square peg... find the square hole.